Trader Faulkner recalls being paid to kiss Lady Olivier

“So much has been – and still is being – written about Vivien Leigh. I was lucky enough to know perhaps just a little of the magic and depth behind Scarlett O’Hara and Blanche DuBois. One of the 20th Century’s most beautiful and gifted actresses, Vivien was born over a century ago on 5 November, 1913.”

Trader Faulkner, veteran actor and great friend of 7 Star Arts, recalls being paid to kiss Lady Olivier (Vivien Leigh)

Our new show Cocktails With Vivien, with Elena Lorenzi, Stefano Marzanni and Graham Roos, is at Live at Zedel, Soho, on 3 November 2020. Post-concert Q&A with Trader Faulkner.