Musica con Moto – celebrating the life-giving power of Water

Ahead of Musica con Moto at The OSO Barnes on 25 and 26 November pianist and parkour practitioner Bogdan Suciu presents his manifesto on which this event is founded…..

Many of us grow up believing we are not musical or athletic. Does “I tried a few piano lessons but it was hopeless” or “I’m so bad at sports” sound familiar?

It is about time we remembered what being human is all about. The gift of speech, of transmitting information to one another using our voices, has given us the opportunity to create culture and pass it on to our children. Music and Movement have always been there, and due to their universality, have appeared in virtually every culture on earth. It is our job to maintain the hierarchy of values in our cultures, and the creative arts hold a prominent role.

What Musica con Moto aims to do is bring these values back into public life, not just for observation, but for taking part and finding a more meaningful, healthy and harmonious way of living. Discover your inner musician and mover and become inspired to trek on your own journey towards becoming a more mobile, musical human being.

We live in a time of unease and unrest. Violence and crime are at a peak. A clean,welcoming world of peace and prosperity is as far out of sight as possible. It is time to make a change. Do you want to be the generation that could have done something or that actually did it? The Musica con Moto Meets Water show aims to bring back the respect and care that our Blue Planet deserves, focusing on one element without which we would not even be here. Life on Earth is due to the presence of water and life itself started in water. Join us in a celebration and a unification of Music and Movement through the power of water.

Be water, my friend.

MUSICA CON MOTO is at The OSO Arts Centre, Barnes, on 25 and 26 November. This unique show combines classical piano music with percussion, ambient music, dance and physical movement drawn from parkour, Tai Chi, Hip Hop and breakdancing. Join Bogdan Suciu and friends for a captivating, intriguing evening of music and movement.

Tickets £12/14



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