Spiral Dial at The Jazz Room

Tickets £12 in advance / £15 on the door

Spiral Dial write stories and improvise electroacoustic soundscapes to bring them to life.

The band was created by Liza Bec after Help Musicians UK Fusion Fund funded her to make INNERVATE. Originally a classically-trained clarinettist, Liza’s life was transformed when she was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare form of epilepsy triggered by playing certain patterns of notes. “I had to re-learn how to play”, Liza says. “I spent several years without playing a note.” She finally overcame this obstacle by discovering a new talent for improvising, allowing her to avoid most of her triggers.

The music for INNERVATE is based on Liza’s original short story set in a world where minds are mere commodities to be disposed of at will, inspired by her own real life experiences. Everything is improvised live, so this performance will be completely unique.

Using a customized robotic tenor recorder, Liza creates hypnotic and mesmerizing soundscapes, together with David Ryder Prangley (who has worked with Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant) on bass guitar and Adam Hayes on percussion.

Line up:

Liza Bec – woodwind, vocals, synth

David Ryder Prangley – bass guitar

Adam Hayes – percussion


KLEZMER! at The Jazz Room

After a sell-out concert in August, Klezmer! returns to the Bull’s Head with the sometimes uplifting and sometimes haunting music of the Eastern European shtetl and medieval Spain. Vocalist Maya Levy weaves a fascinating tale of these long-ago worlds while clarinettist Livia Frankish wails, guitarist Eyal Pik serenades and cellist Mayda Narvey straddles the support of stand up bass and the interweaving melodies of the violin.

Come prepared to laugh, cry and stamp your feet in the friendly, intimate surroundings of the iconic Jazz Room
Tickets £12 in advance / £15 on the door
**PLEASE NOTE: this concert is likely to sell out – advance booking highly recommended!**


Klezmer is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. Working under various restrictions in different centuries and cultures, Jewish musicians (klezmorim) developed their own unique voice inspired by the local musical styles.

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