Classic Gershwin

“Gershwin is brought to life with the delightful interweaving of words and music”

Review by ArtMuseLondon


Audience reactions to Classic Gershwin at The Jazz Room (21 December 2017)

“Outstanding music”

“A marvellous combination of readings and music”

“Intimate and very friendly”

“That was wonderful!”


Flamenco! with Betty Cid & friends (November 2017)

“the best thing I’ve ever seen in the Jazz Room!”


Rowan Hudson Trio at The Jazz Room (8 August 2017)

Rowan’s piano playing is sensitively paced, supple and elegant. His dynamic palette is varied and colourful: he can do the gentlest whispered pianissimos and muscular fortes without ever losing clarity or quality of tone, and he can make piano sounds bend and waver, seemingly effortlessly.

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Sample tracks from ‘Blue Skies’, the new album from Aydenne Simone and Liam Stevens Trio


Sweet Harmony

The evening was a feast for the senses

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Divine Fire

The opening piece, the fleeting Prelude in A, Op 28 No. 7, set the tone for the evening – played with an ethereal delicacy, the last note was no more than a whisper……an absorbing, moving and beautifully presented evening of words and music

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