Chekhov’s Grand Piano – world premiere of a brand new mixed genre production

3rd March 2017, 8pm

Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, Walton-on-Thames

Following on from the success of ‘Sweet Harmony’ and ‘Divine Fire’, 7 Star Arts is proud to collaborate once again with Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre on a new multi-genre production.

Chekhov’s Grand Piano interweaves the words of the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov with the music of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev, together with David le Page’s music inspired by ‘The Seagull’.

There are many parallels between the works of Chekhov and the music of his compatriots. Chekhov’s writing is filled with allusions to music, and especially the piano, and some of his plays have piano interludes. Shostakovich noted that Chekhov’s short stories were written in sonata form. Chekhov corresponded with Tchaikovsky, whom he revered, and his friend Rachmaninoff played the piano in Chekhov’s summer home, The White Dacha at Yalta.

Performed by internationally-acclaimed musicians Viv McLean (piano) and David le Page (violin) with readings by celebrated West End actresses Susan Porrett and Nesley Joy and artwork by Klara Smith, this exciting new production receives its world premiere in the year of the centenary of the Russian Revolution

Date: 3rd March 2017, 8pm
Venue: Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre , Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2PF


“Viv McLean revealed extraordinary originality, superb simplicity, and muscles of steel hidden by fingers of velvet. He plays with the genius one finds in those who know how to forget themselves, naturally placing themselves at the right point to meet the music, this mystery of the moment.”

– Le Monde

“The finesse and fieriness of [David le Page’s] playing is always top-notch, but more than that, his unique sense of creativity infuses everything he does. His own music has a strong personal voice, full of improvisatory flair and independence of thought – and, like his interpretations of the classical repertoire, seems driven by a deeply poetic spirit.”

– The Independent

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